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Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor PoolsThis is where we really come into our own, offering a complete start to finish package using our own staff we take your project from planning to swimming.

Indoor pools need careful planning design and preparation.
Water heating, dehumidification and ambient air heating needs all need to be taken into account along with certain materials inside that suit the climate and materials that are best avoided.

When the build is being designed usually we are asked to match the existing house so great care is taken matching bricks, roof tiles, windows and doors etc. The other option is to opt for something that completely contrasts the existing. its surprising how two completely different buildings can complement each other when designed correctly.

Project management is key with every indoor build so your build runs smoothly. We know what needs to be ordered and when so the job runs smoothly we are on excellent terms with our suppliers and also use private building inspectors to keep things to a tight schedule.

We appreciate that you probably don’t want builders at your home so why we are site we promise to be as quick clean friendly and as helpful as possible.

Both Liner or tiled pools can be installed indoors and out doors so options are not limited.

We have worked in all situations and are happy to work with your own builder if the situation suits better.