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Liner Swimming Pools

Liner PoolsLiner Swimming pools are a cost and time effective method of installing a pool, the average liner pool is around 20- 25 % quicker to install than the concrete version of the same.

As with any pool there are many ways of installation, the main two methods that are chosen by most pool installers are Block and liner and Panel Pools.

Block & Liner – The hole is excavated to the desired shape and depth then concrete blocks and laid to form the walls.
The floor is screeded then walls rendered after witch the liner is then installed.

Panel Pool – The same method as with a block and liner but strong plastic polymer panels are installed to form the walls instead of blockwork.

which ever methods suits best the same finish is still achieved. see this liners can be made to any shape or size so options are not limited when designing your build.

The average liner will last from 8 – 10 years depending on how the pool is looked after.