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The Next Step

So what next? Every Process is different if you have plans already drawn you can send them to us so we can provide you with an estimated cost. Not sure what you want? Give us a call so we can get a feel for what you need.

Our Job is to make sure the client gets everything they desire, the usual process is to start with a chat on the phone or via an online meeting so we can tell you your options and maybe give you a rough costing. After the initial first chat we will come to site to measure up so we can provide a full estimate and answer any questions you are sure to have.

once you are happy with the costs we will provide you with a full drawing of your project in a colour 3 dimension computer program so you can see exactly how the finished project will look. Once your happy with the drawings we come to site again to mark out the positions of the build and leave it with you to make sure you are happy to progress.

Once we are on site we are there until the job is finished. We promise to be on site every day with a full team so the project is completed in the minimum amount of time possible.

feel free to contact us at your leisure and we’ll be happy to give the best advice possible.